Orthopedic technical workshop Munich

Our orthopedic workshop - precise craftsmanship and medical expertise in one

In addition to our sales rooms at Sendlinger Tor, we at Ergonomic Care have an in-house workshop. Our orthopedic mechanics and bandage specialists combine craftsmanship with medical knowledge and empathy. However, the integration of modern technology, such as computer-aided manufacturing processes or measuring methods, also plays a major role. For this reason, regular training is standard for our employees, because there have been and continue to be constant developments, especially in rehabilitation technology and orthopedic technology, which make the lives of our customers easier and more pain-free.
We want to be able to apply and pass on this knowledge at any time. In order to be able to make an important contribution through professional competence so that people with illnesses or after accidents can lead a fulfilled life with as few restrictions as possible.

Our services in the Ergonomic Care workshop

The job description of the orthopedic mechanic is diverse. It combines craftsmanship with high-tech to help people with disabilities. The variety of materials in the workshop alone is enormous: from modern material mixes of plastic and carbon to leather and wood, numerous options are used to optimally create and adapt orthopedic and rehabilitation aids. The aim is always to ensure that the aids fulfill the desired functions, offer comfort or fit correctly and, if necessary, also provide relief or freedom from pain. The manufacturing or individual fitting includes, among others, the following products:

  • Orthoses for arms, legs and upper body
  • Prostheses for arms or legs
  • Sports prostheses
  • Shoe insoles and custom shoe making
  • Standing apparatus and trunk supports
  • Children's turning technology
  • Dressing and undressing aids
  • Symphysis belt for pregnant women
  • Corsets and support girdles

All products are manufactured or adapted in our workshop with a lot of care and know-how. And we are happy when they fulfill their functions and make your everyday life easier. Your smile is our best reward.

The process in our in-house workshop

  1. Consultation and anamnesis

Accordingly, a first step is a detailed (free) consultation and anamnesis. Here we clarify together with our customers what is to be achieved by the respective aid and which functions are desired. During an initial examination or medical history, we not only get a picture of pre-existing conditions and limitations, but also check muscle status, malpositions and other limitations. We know that this is uncomfortable for some of our customers, so we place a lot of emphasis on empathy and sensitivity among our staff.

  1. Measurements

To ensure full functionality and support, it is usually indispensable to also take some measurements. In simpler cases, such as bandages, it may be sufficient to measure arm or leg lengths. In other cases very precise measurements are necessary. For this we use, for example, our 3D L.A.S.A.R. Posture, a modern diagnostic device for creating digital measurement images to assess your posture and physical status. These modern analysis devices enable adjustments to be made to the nearest millimeter in the next step. In turn, these few millimeters are often decisive for wearing comfort and functionality.

  1. Fabrications

Based on the data obtained and of course also taking into account the wishes of our customers, the respective product is then manufactured or processed in our Ergonomic Care workshop. In the case of prostheses, for example, there is usually a basic product that is then adapted to the respective requirements. High-tech materials such as carbon, aramid and titanium are used, as are fabrics, wood or leather. Every prosthesis - right down to the color - is therefore ultimately a one-off, personally tailored to the customer and his or her abilities, needs and wishes.

  1. Fitting and modifications
    Some aids, such as prostheses, require even several fittings. This is mainly to avoid problems such as chafing and the like. Our goal is your well-being, and we work on this until the final handover and beyond. If you have any problems with an Ergonomic Care product, you can always come to our workshop and we will try to solve the problem together with you.

The backbone of our success: our employees

Well-trained employees are essential for the success of Ergonomic Care and our products. In our orthopedic workshop, experienced and prospective orthopedic technicians and bandage specialists work hand in hand. In addition to manual dexterity, basic technical understanding and an affinity for electronics, social qualities such as empathy with our customers naturally count as well.
The work in our workshop is varied and at the same time characterized by the motivation to help other people - including our trainees.
Regular training is just as important, because we want to be able to offer the best possible service in our workshop. And since we ourselves know best what people with disabilities are capable of, disabilities are not an obstacle to employment at Ergonomic Care.

Your advantages with orthopedic technology from Ergonomic Care at a glance