Sensomotoric Insoles – Expert Support for Muscles

Among the most important orthopedic aids for relieving or activating muscles or muscle groups are sensomotoric or proprioceptive insoles. Although worn inside shoes, they can affect the entire musculoskeletal system and may thus also be suitable for treating back pain or knee problems. But also misalignments of the feet, issues with the Achilles tendon, heel spurs, and even spasms or paralysis can be partially or even completely remedied by wearing sensomotoric insoles. To reliably achieve this effect, however, insoles should always be crafted and adjusted by a skilled professional. At Ergonomic Care in Munich, we draw on many years of experience with different insole concepts and work together with you to find the right insoles to help you effectively and specifically with pain and discomfort.

What is special about sensomotoric insoles are the elastic chambers or pressure pads that are integrated into the sole. They apply pressure at targeted areas when standing or walking, thus stimulating nerves and sensory cells. Additionally, they cause changes in the muscles and tendons of the feet and legs, which also affects posture. It is important that sensomotoric insoles are always specially tailored to existing complaints or misalignments, otherwise they will not be effective or might even worsen the symptoms. Custom-fitted insoles, tailored to specific complaints, should therefore always be individually crafted by a professional. In our Munich workshop, we manufacture custom insoles and are happy to advise you regarding the costs and benefits of orthopedic insoles.


Pain goodbye – how sensomotoric insoles from Ergonomic Care can help

Sensomotoric insoles can be worn in any shoe. They are therefore suitable for everyday shoes as well as for sports or hiking boots. Wearing the insoles can help relieve tension and resulting pain in numerous ailments and conditions. They are also a valid support for misalignments in the foot or musculoskeletal system. The treatment of the following complaints and conditions can be influenced by insoles.

  • Foot misalignments and issues such as clubfoot, flatfoot, knock-knee, splayfoot, toe walking, toe misalignments, heel spurs, foot drop, heel pain
  • Leg and knee problems such as knee osteoarthritis, runner’s knee, Achilles tendon pain, knee pain, patella pain, Restless Legs Syndrome
  • Back pain, postural complaints, and tension pain

It is also important to deal with posture problems associated with Trisomy 21, spasticity or paralysis, as well as issues with the pelvis or hips using orthopedic shoe insoles as a suitable means of choice for greater walking security or less pain. It is important to purchase the insoles at a specialty store like our medical supply store at Sendlinger Tor, because there are some important points to consider when selecting them, such as the correct measuring of the feet. Additionally, further adjustments can be made in our attached workshop. This can be especially significant when combined with the provision of orthopedic shoe technology. Insoles for safety shoes, slippers, or regular street shoes also benefit from the adjustment by a professional. Even climbing or hiking shoes can be equipped with special sensomotoric insoles.

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Your benefits at  ergonomic care

Free consultation & training

Our staff provide professional advice on-site or over the phone. Guaranteed at no cost to you.
In addition to consultation, you will also receive training on how to put on the aids and care tips.
In many cases

 Fair prices

If your orthopedist or general practitioner has prescribed insoles for you, there are usually no additional costs involved. However, if this is not the case, we will offer you customized price options to suit your needs and budget.

Collaboration with top manufacturers and suppliers

We also collaborate with reliable and well-known manufacturers and suppliers in the field of shoe technology and orthopedic insoles because quality is very important to us and our customers when it comes to supplying aids.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

We are only satisfied when our customers are. Because the products and aids you purchase from our store should help you reduce pain and improve your life. Our work is fulfilled when we achieve this.

Perfect insoles for every shoe – the process at Ergonomic Care


Free consultation and professional measurement

Before purchasing proprioceptive or active insoles, you should definitely seek advice from a professional. Considering the fact that many people wear shoes that are too small or too large, an accurate measurement of the feet and possibly the leg lengths should also be carried out. Unsuitable insoles can worsen problems, therefore care, accuracy, and good consultation are crucial for therapeutic success. You can rely on all three aspects at Ergonomic Care at all times.


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Measurement, adjustment, manufacture – for the best results

We work together with you to select the appropriate model for your individual indication. In most cases, we can provide the necessary aids directly on-site. If the suitable aid is not available, we can order it for you within a few days.
In case of more complex complaints, you will usually receive a prescription for a custom-made aid from your doctor.
After a thorough assessment, we plan your aid and then manufacture it on-site in our workshop at Sendlinger Tor.


Pickup and customer service

Your new sensomotoric insoles are usually ready for pickup within a few days. It is therefore advisable to pick them up so we can check the new insoles and their fit together. This gives you the opportunity to raise any questions or concerns until the last moment. Even after that, should you have any problems with a product from Ergonomic Care, you can always come to us at Sendlinger Tor – we are here to help.
The first medical supply store that could help me.
Due to my tendonitis in both arms, no medical supply store had the braces available, but here at Ergonomic Care, a cheaper alternative was even offered and ordered immediately.
The pickup went smoothly and I was immediately assisted. The service – from consultation, ordering, to pickup – was top-notch! Many thanks again and I would gladly return to you.

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