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A shoulder brace protects and helps the stressed ball and socket joint from various ailments. As one of the most mobile and at the same time active joints, the shoulder is quite susceptible to discomfort with its various ligaments, tendons and muscles. Starting from tension and inflammation to tendon and muscle tears, many conditions can lead to pain in the shoulder. The shoulder is also quite susceptible to osteoarthritis and rheumatism. And last but not least, injuries during sports or work can also make wearing a shoulder brace useful.

Regardless of the complaints or symptoms you come to us with, at Ergonomic Care we offer you numerous designs and variations for shoulder supports that can provide your shoulder with the right support and relieve pain. On site at our branch at Sendlinger Tor, we will also practice the correct application of the shoulder brace during the consultation. Providing good care and a more pain-free life is our claim at Ergonomic Care.


Relief and pain relief with suitable shoulder bandages

A shoulder brace supports the sensitive joint in case of numerous pre-existing conditions and overloads. These can be triggered both by one-sided and too strenuous movements (e.g. at work, during renovation or during sports). As a complex ball-and-socket joint, the shoulder is susceptible to irritation or micro-injuries. And diseases such as osteoarthritis can also lead to pain in the shoulder.
A shoulder brace fulfills the following functions - regardless of the underlying disease:

  • Support of the shoulder joint by slight (but not complete) immobilization
  • Relief during movements and improvement of guidance
  • Light compression helps against fluid retention
  • Heat and massage through the bandage help especially with inflammation and rheumatic diseases

Depending on the design and price range, shoulder bandages are made of a polyester or fine knit mixture. Neoprene can also be used. The modern materials not only provide optimum support, but also keep the shoulder joint warm. A light massage function rounds off the "package", promotes blood circulation and is particularly pleasant in the case of inflammation or arthritis. Pain in the shoulder and arm can thus be alleviated.

Why a shoulder brace is best purchased at a medical supply store

When it comes to a shoulder brace, choosing the right one is very important, because otherwise mobility may be too restricted, there may be uncomfortable pressure points, or the supportive function may not intervene as much as it should. In the worst case, pain can be aggravated by an unsuitable bandage.
Especially with regard to size and circumference, the selection should be made carefully. In addition, women require different supports than men. In any case, the right fit of the shoulder bandage is very crucial for success.
In our medical supply store, we carry a large selection of shoulder bandages in various price ranges. Our service includes not only consultation and measuring of the shoulder, but also practicing the correct application of the shoulder bandage. A shoulder bandage can be worn both over and under clothing. In our Munich branch, we will be happy to show you how to put the support around your shoulder or pull it over your arm and close it properly.

Difference between shoulder brace and shoulder orthosis

Unlike an orthosis, a shoulder brace does not completely restrict the mobility of the shoulder. It is therefore more of a protective and supportive measure. However, after shoulder surgery, a dislocated shoulder joint and some other conditions, it may make sense to immobilize the shoulder completely. In such a case, one would opt in favor of a shoulder orthosis. Of course, at Ergonomic Care we carry both.
A shoulder orthosis should usually be fitted on site by one of our experienced orthopedic technicians. If you have a prescription from your doctor, your health insurance will cover the costs.

Ankle orthosis-foot orthosis-custom-made-at ergonomic care Munich

Your advantages with ergonomic Care

Shoulder braces from Ergonomic Care - Your advantages

An everyday life without pain and as much mobility as possible - what is important to our customers is also important to us at Ergonomic Care. We therefore pay close attention to the quality of our medical products, including supports and orthoses. Our trained staff will help you choose the right support with patience and knowledge, paying particular attention to the ideal fit. In addition, we show and explain how to put on and take off shoulder bandages correctly. Our goal is your well-being - we therefore look forward to your visit to our Munich medical supply store.

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The first medical supply store that could help me.
Due to my tendovaginitis on both arms, no medical supply store had the splints there but here in Ergonmic Care I was even offered a cheaper variant and ordered immediately.
When I picked up the splints, everything went smoothly and I was helped immediately. The service - from the consultation, order and pickup - was top! Thank you again and I will be happy to come to you again.

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Frequently asked questions

For many shoulder problems, wearing a bandage is a good solution that reduces pain. As part of a conservative therapy, bandages are therefore also often prescribed by doctors and orthopedists. In this case, your health insurance will cover the costs. It is therefore worthwhile to approach your doctor about this.

  • There are numerous models that are also suitable for wearing during sports, both to avoid aggravating existing shoulder problems and as a preventive measure. In the latter case, however, the support usually has to be paid for by the patient. We will be happy to advise you on the price, design and function of the shoulder brace.

In some diseases, the pain in the shoulder is particularly severe at night. Many models are therefore particularly suitable for overnight wear. Our staff will be happy to advise you and give you additional tips for relief at night. In addition, we also carry relieving pillows, we will also be happy to advise you on this.