Orthopedic technology at the highest level


A life in motion, ideally without pain. Being able to do everything that one wants to do. Orthopedic technology is more than just a craft for the production of medical aids. In our specialist workshop in downtown Munich, we use modern technology and craftsmanship to help others and fulfill their desires, which for most of us are almost taken for granted: freedom from pain, freedom of movement, independence. We develop solutions together with manufacturers and customers, individually and personally for very different problems with the musculoskeletal system. This constitutes our incentive and motivation, but also our commitment at Ergonomic Care.

An overview of our offerings

In collaboration with numerous manufacturers and also with our customers, we work daily on individually tailored aids. Our shop and workshop serve as the interface between high-quality products and the wishes of our customers, who always have priority. We customize, design, redesign, examine, and modify. Precision and skill are just as much a part of our work as empathy and sensitivity. Because what matters is the result: the best possible functionality, the reduction of pain and limitations, and the (re-)gaining of mobility and quality of life.

To achieve these goals, we offer at Ergonomic Care a wide range of products and technical aids from the fields of orthotics, prosthetics, and more:

  • Orthoses for the upper extremities (arm, elbow, fingers, shoulder, torso)
  • Orthoses for the lower extremities (knee, hip, foot)
  • Prostheses for arms, legs, feet, fingers
  • Orthopedic inserts and shoe lifts

We are much more than “sellers”. As an interface between medicine, technology, and craftsmanship, we work closely with doctors, occupational therapists, care facilities, but also manufacturers and suppliers. Our experienced orthopedic technicians and orthotists pay attention to details and accuracy in the fitting processes, whether it is a prosthesis, orthosis, or a brace. Because each product of orthopedic technology is adapted to the individual needs of the wearer or user. For this, we use our technical knowledge and skills as well as dexterity and sometimes inventiveness. Additionally, we have a broad knowledge regarding anatomy and underlying diseases. All this forms the basis for a reliable and trustworthy collaboration with our customers.

Live independently and pain-free – Custom prostheses from Ergonomic Care

In the field of prosthetic technology, individual customization is particularly important, as fit and functionality are especially critical. It is important to avoid unpleasant consequences such as pressure sores, but also to make everyday life for our customers as independent and simple as possible using technical possibilities. Therefore, precision and an eye for detail characterize all our employees in the Munich workshop. At the same time, close contact is sought with all involved parties to develop the best care concept: treating doctors, therapists, and possibly relatives and family as well.

But also, the selection of the right products and materials plays a major role in meeting the demands of everyday life and beyond. Sports and movement should be as natural for our customers as driving a car. We source modern joints made of durable materials from renowned manufacturers (e.g., Otto Bock, Össur, Ortho-Reha Neuhof GmbH). Fortunately, the old wooden leg is long gone. The goal is much more a natural, healthy gait and an active life with as few restrictions as possible.

Your benefits at  ergonomic care

Free consultation & training

In many cases, our customers undergo a fitting process for aids and products. We accompany you on this journey with competence and empathy. In addition to a detailed, free consultation and possibly analyzing, measuring, or taking impressions, we also offer valuable tips for your aids – this applies to bandages as well as orthoses, prostheses, and all other products from our workshop.

 Fair prices

In many cases, the costs of orthopedic care are covered by health insurance or accident insurance. But if your wishes and requirements exceed basic care or if you need individual solutions (e.g., for sports or prevention), you will receive a customized, affordable offer from us.

Collaboration with top brand manufacturers

The use of high-quality, modern materials and finding optimal solutions is a matter of course in our workshop. We therefore rely on collaboration with the best manufacturers and suppliers, known for their quality and reliability.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Good care and follow-up support are the pillars of Ergonomic Care. We offer orthopedic technology at the highest level, thanks to highly trained staff. Your satisfaction is our goal. And should you ever have problems, visit us anytime at our workshop at Sendlinger Tor – together with you, we will always find a suitable solution.

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