Knee orthosis in Munich

The most important and most used joint in the body for our mobility is the knee joint. As long as it functions without problems, this fact seems self-evident to us. It is only in the case of injury or illness that we become painfully aware of the important role of the knee. In such cases, a suitable knee orthosis is often the right choice for improvement. Depending on your needs, a knee orthosis can relieve, stabilize or activate muscles.

Therefore, ergonomic care knee orthoses provide mobility restoration and protection against re-injury, whether for cartilage damage, ligament injuries or gonarthrosis.

Knee orthosis - Genu Arexa-otto Bock

The knee orthosis range at ergonomic care Munich

In the medical supply store ergonomic care you have the choice between both prefabricated and custom-made knee orthoses:

At ergonomic care you will find medical compression stockings in many different colors, shapes and compression classes.

Prefabricated knee orthosis

These are industrially prefabricated knee orthoses from one of our partner companies. Our team of specialists then custom-fits the knee orthosis exactly to your knee. At ergonomic care, we rely on the quality of Donjoy, medi, Össur, Ottobock and Bort, among others. Here we present a selection of products from these manufacturers:


Genumedi® PA , Genumedi® PT, Genumedi® PSS, Genumedi® pro, Stabimed® pro RICE, Stabimed® RICE, medi Soft OA, Stabimed® pro, medi PT control®, Stabimed®, medi Soft OA light, Collamed® / Collamed® long, Collamed® / Collamed® long, M.4 X-lock®, M.4®s OA, M.4s® comfort, M.4®s OA comfort, medi ROM, medi Classic, medi Classic Air, medi Jeans, medi PTS®, medi Classic Kidz, medi ROM Kidz.

Unloader One® X, Unloader One®, CTi® Mission, CTi® Custom, Rebound® ACL Custom, Rebound® Post-Op Knee, Rebound® DUAL, Rebound® Cartilage, Rebound® DUAL Recover, Rebound® Knee, Rebound® DUAL Custom, Rebound® PCL Custom, Flex®, C180™ Rocket, Formfit® OA Ease, Formfit® ROM Knees , Formfit® Knee Immobilizer, Formfit® Hinged Knees,

Agilium Patella, Agilium Reactive, Agilium Softfit, Genu Direxa and Genu Direxa open, Genu Sensa, Xeleton, Patella Pro, E-MAG Active, Unilateral Joint System, Unilateral Joint System

BORT GenuXpress ACL, BORT GenuXpress, BORT OA-Xpress, BORT Generation Soft OA Knee Orthosis, BORT ROM Knee Orthosis, BORT Immob Brace adjustable, BORT Immob Brace one-piece, BORT Immob Brace with patella recess, BORT Generation Knee Orthosis.

If you have not found a certain product here, please ask for it in our store. If a desired knee orthosis is not in stock, we will gladly organize it as quickly as possible or offer an equivalent alternative.

Custom made knee orthosis

When prefabricated knee orthoses no longer provide adequate care, custom-made knee orthoses are used. Reasons for this can be enormous malpositions or special fit requirements. Corrective orthoses in the field of pediatrics, i.e. children's/adolescent medicine, are also usually custom-made. To protect pre-stressed joints due to sports such as skiing, a custom-made orthosis can be the perfect protection against injuries.

The development and manufacture of orthoses is one of the main focuses of orthopedic technology at ergonomic care Munich. We specialize in the growth-oriented fitting of children and adolescents, as well as the manufacture of individual aids for adults that are suitable for everyday use. By processing state-of-the-art materials, such as carbon fiber in cast resin technology, we are able to achieve optimal stability and wearing comfort even with reduced weight of the orthosis. In addition, we manufacture the orthosis according to your color and design wishes.

At ergonomic care you will find medical compression stockings in many different colors, shapes and compression classes.

Examples from our workshop

Individual knee orthosis according to plaster cast in fiber composite technology 

Our brands

Medical compression stockings class 2, open toe, beige

Your advantages with ergonomic Care

Very nice, helpful store. I got an orthosis after tearing a ligament and Andi went to a lot of trouble to get me a suitable one. Only recommend!

A. Owuso - customer

Three steps to your perfectly fitting knee orthosis


Free consultation and measurement in our branch at Sendlinger Tor

Come to the branch at any time without an appointment. Just bring your prescription with you.
We will explain your condition to you in detail. We will also provide you with free information material.

We will then inform you about the further course of care. Furthermore, we will take care of the billing with your health insurance company. You do not have to worry about anything.

If necessary, we can also advise you on how to obtain the appropriate prescription from your doctor.

Compression stockings Free consultation and measurement in our branch at Sendlinger Tor


Modulate plaster cast at ergonomic care workshop in Munich

Individual adjustment of the knee orthosis to your symptoms

We work with you to select the right model for your individual indication. In most cases, we can supply you directly on site. If the right orthosis for you is not in stock, we can order it for you within a few days.
In the case of more complex complaints, you will usually receive a prescription for a custom-made orthosis from your doctor.
After a detailed anamnesis, we plan your orthosis and then manufacture it on site in our workshop at Sendlinger Tor.


Collection and final adjustments

As soon as your orthosis is ready, you will be conveniently notified by us via SMS.
Upon pick-up, we will check the optimal fit and train you with the handling of your knee orthosis.

Knee orthosis special construction carbon technology at ergonomic care munich

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Frequently asked questions

At ergonomic care, we now have over 20 years of experience in the healthcare industry. We combine this experience in proven manufacturing processes with a modern workshop and sophisticated techniques. In addition, we are your one-stop shop for advice, analysis, recommendations, adjustments and care.

For this reason, we can guarantee you the highest wearing comfort and functionality with our orthoses.

A knee orthosis is mainly used for knee disorders, e.g. gonarthrosis, injuries to ligaments or muscles, or after operations. Depending on the need, the knee orthosis then relieves, stabilizes or immobilizes the knee joint.

Gonarthrosis is defined as cartilage wear in the knee joint. The reason for this is often a malposition of the leg axis. The "medi Soft OA" or "medi Soft OA light" orthoses are suitable for example. Both work according to the 3-point relief principle and thus have a corrective effect on the malposition of the leg axis.

Yes, as long as the knee brace does not restrict or even prevent any movements essential for driving. Ultimately, you must decide for yourself whether you can still drive with the knee orthosis without endangering yourself or others.

Normally, a knee orthosis should be worn for about four to six weeks after surgery for cruciate ligament tears or meniscus injuries. However, your attending physician will recommend exact wearing times.

Every contract physician may prescribe medical aids at the expense of the statutory health insurance, regardless of whether he is a general practitioner or a specialist.

In most cases, the costs for an orthosis are covered by the health insurance; you only have to contribute the statutory co-payment. The cost coverage by the health insurance usually refers to the standard supply. Therefore, they should go to a medical supply store with the prescription issued by the doctor and get detailed advice on the supply.

These numbers indicate the movement restriction to be achieved by the knee orthosis. The first number indicates the degree of maximum knee extension, in this case 0°. The second number indicates the rest position, in this case a knee flexion of 10°. The last number is the maximum flexion, so here a knee flexion of 90°. The orthosis is adjusted by the orthopedic technician according to the prescription.

Wearing the orthosis over pants is usually not recommended. It can lead to slipping of the orthosis or constriction in the hollow of the knee. To ensure that the orthosis sits properly on the skin, the appropriate size must be selected.