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The elbow joint is one of the most heavily loaded joints in the body, because after all, we need our arms every day. In addition to normal daily tasks, special stresses are added during sports, physical work or heavy lifting. At the same time, prolonged activities such as writing or typing on the keyboard often contribute to stresses that not infrequently lead to chronic irritation or joint inflammation. The best-known clinical picture is the so-called "tennis elbow".
Elbow supports can help to reduce the strain and alleviate existing pain and inflammatory reactions. The prerequisite for this are suitable and stable supports. In our medical supply store in Munich, you will therefore find a large selection of high-quality elbow bandages. In the course of a free, detailed consultation, we will work with you to find a well-fitting and comfortable support that will also alleviate your discomfort.

In addition to the stabilizing effect, modern bandages also stimulate blood flow to the tissue through a massage effect. This is a pleasant effect especially in the case of complaints in the muscles or at the tendon insertion, which can prevent injuries and irritations. Wearing an elbow brace is therefore worthwhile even before the onset of recurring complaints. Our experienced team will therefore also be happy to advise you on the preventive wearing of a support.


Elbow supports - help and stability for the stressed joint

The elbow is a very complex joint in which complaints can occur both at the bone base (humerus, ulna and radius) and at the muscles, joint capsules, ligaments and tendons. It is a permanently stressed joint that is strained during fine movements as well as during rough work (e.g. lifting heavy weights). Bending and stretching are possible, but also turning movements or gyrating movements.
A brace can help the elbow in the following ways:

  • Stabilization of the joint
  • Better distribution of stress
  • Support healing through heat
  • Massage effect and compression through the fabric of the bandage
  • Pain relief
  • Protection against shocks or other mechanical injuries

A good fit should also be ensured with a bandage. Only in this way can the massage effects be used and at the same time incorrect strain or circulatory disorders be avoided. Equally important is easy handling of the supports. High-quality elbow supports therefore also offer donning aids. Our experienced team at Ergonomic Care will be happy to provide you with expert assistance in selecting the right elbow supports - just drop by our store at Sendliner Tor.

Not all bandages are the same - what to look for when buying a bandage

Bandages, like many other medical aids, are often underestimated. However, in recent years, there have been various further developments in terms of fit, durability, wearing comfort and fabric, even in the case of these supposedly simple medical articles. The goal of a good bandage is both pain relief and stabilization, as well as useful side effects such as improved circulation and a light massage function to prevent swelling. Donning aids or strap systems increase handling, so that putting on a bandage alone is not a problem. Our team of experts will be happy to show you how when you buy a bandage. In addition, our team always has some advice for the gentle cleaning of their bandage.

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Tennis elbow and golfer's elbow - a support against the most common complaints

Among the best-known complaints of the elbow are the so-called "tennis elbow" or golfer's elbow. However, these complaints do not only occur in tennis players or golfers. Painful irritation occurs at the tendon attachments due to overuse. In the case of tennis elbow on the outside, in the case of golfer's elbow on the inside. This overload can occur during sports, but also during other (monotonous) activities, for example, through the profession.
In many cases, an elbow brace can help. It supports the affected muscles and tendons by providing relief and warmth. Such a support can also be worn prophylactically.

If the symptoms persist, however, those affected should consult a doctor in any case. In many cases, the doctor will recommend wearing a brace, and if a prescription is issued, the costs will be covered by the health insurance company. With the prescription, you simply come to us at Ergonomic Care and receive your brace on the same day.

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Your advantages with ergonomic Care

Elbow supports from Ergonomic Care - Your advantages

With a large selection of high-quality supports - not only for the elbow - we always find the really suitable and comfortable for each customer. No matter whether for existing complaints or for prevention during sports - we pay attention to the optimal quality. Advice on the purchase and important tips on wearing and cleaning are of course included in the purchase of a support. By the way: we also carry elbow orthoses in our medical supply store. In short: You are in good hands with us - so come and see us at Ergonomic Care at any time.

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Due to my tendovaginitis on both arms, no medical supply store had the splints there but here in Ergonmic Care I was even offered a cheaper variant and ordered immediately.
When I picked up the splints, everything went smoothly and I was helped immediately. The service - from the consultation, order and pickup - was top! Thank you again and I will be happy to come to you again.

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Frequently asked questions

Tests are also carried out for bandages in terms of quality. These are not insignificant, but as experts we know: the best bandage is one that fits perfectly without constricting, that relieves the elbow optimally, is easy to clean and lasts a long time. Therefore, use a consultation to determine the truly individual best support for your pain.

For tennis elbow or golfer's elbow, a bandage can help relieve the affected irritated area. Heat, in turn, helps with arthritic conditions. Wearing a bandage can therefore help with existing complaints and relieve pain, as well as being worn as a preventive measure, for example during sports or at work.