Therapy helmets for children in Munich

Head deformities, also known as plagiocephaly or brachycephaly, can be treated well especially in the early stages and permanently corrected. If you are looking for an orthopedic technology workshop in Munich with highly qualified staff, you are at the right address.
For over 8 years, we have been supplying all types of cranial deformities. We focus on high functionality while maintaining good looks and high wearing comfort for optimal compliance.
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Therapiehelm für Kinder

How therapy helmets work

The therapy helmet is made based on a plaster cast or 3D scan of your child’s head. It applies light corrective pressure on the prominent areas, transferring growth to the less developed areas. The helmet is padded inside to prevent uncomfortable pressure points. Improvements in your child’s head shape should be noticeable within a few weeks.

It is important to start therapy early to achieve the best possible therapeutic success. Usually, treatment of head deformity is completed after 6 months.

Therapiehelm carbon Verschluss

Therapy helmet manufacturing

The therapy helmets from Sanitätshaus Ergonomic Care GmbH are made of carbon fiber lightweight construction. The helmets are therefore particularly light while providing maximum stability and shape retention. This allows for optimal placement of the correction point. 

A perforation in the forehead area ensures breathability and prevents sweating.

The closure is designed so that the head can grow along with it 

The therapy helmet in everyday use

Consistent wearing of the helmet is important in the treatment of head deformity. 
The little patient should be gradually accustomed to wearing the helmet. Initially, a few minutes are sufficient, and this should be gradually increased to several hours a day.

If pressure marks or redness appear after removing the helmet, please contact us immediately to check the fit again.

Our partners

Your advantages at ergonomic care

Fair prices

For a standard model, you can expect a legal co-payment between 5€ and a maximum of 10€ per care.

For a premium care, depending on the model, additional costs may occur.

Collaboration with top brand manufacturers

To ensure optimal care, ergonomic care relies on the quality of well-known manufacturers. The products of these manufacturers support medically effective therapy with an optimal appearance. The use of high-quality materials and the latest manufacturing technologies ensure consistently high quality. We work exclusively with brand manufacturers like Fior and Gentz, ORTHO-SYSTEMS, Heinrich Caroli GmbH, GOTTINGER, and Otto Bock.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

We are convinced of our quality, so you can come to our store with any questions or problems with your leg orthosis at any time.

The outstanding professional competence, the empathetic interaction, and the exceptionally high motivation to resolve the respective concerns of the customers impressed me greatly.

Dennis B. – Customer

In three steps to your perfectly fitting therapy helmet


Free consultation and measurement in our branch at Sendlinger Tor

Come by anytime without an appointment to the branch. Just bring your prescription.
We will thoroughly educate you about your condition. In addition, you will receive free informational material from us.

Afterwards, we will inform you about the further course of care. Furthermore, we handle the billing with your health insurance. You don’t have to worry about anything.

If needed, we are also happy to advise you on how to obtain the appropriate prescription from your doctor.

Kundenberatung-Orthese bei ergonomic care münchen


Individual measurement and specific adjustment to your complaint

We will select the suitable model for your individual indication together with you. In most cases, we can provide you directly on-site. If the orthosis that suits you is not in stock, we can order it within a few days.
For more complex complaints, you will usually receive a prescription for a custom-made orthosis from your doctor.
After a comprehensive anamnesis, we plan your orthosis and then manufacture it on-site in our workshop at Sendlinger Tor.


Pickup and final adjustments

As soon as your orthosis is ready, we will conveniently notify you via SMS.
At pickup, we check the optimal fit and train you in handling your leg orthosis.

How to Reach Us

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Frequently asked questions

  • What is a therapy helmet?

    A therapy helmet is a cranial orthosis that performs skull reshaping. This non-invasive treatment approach corrects abnormal skull shapes.

  • How long should the therapy helmet be worn?

    The helmet should be worn as long as possible at a time. An optimal result is achieved if the helmet is worn continuously.

    The helmet can of course be removed for personal hygiene.

  • Is an individual therapy helmet covered by health insurance?

    Yes, if you have a doctor’s prescription for an individual therapy helmet. In that case, we only need your prescription and will then take care of the cost coverage by the health insurance, you don’t need to do anything else.

  • What material is a therapy helmet made of?

    Our custom-made therapy helmets are primarily made of carbon fiber. We process it in casting resin or prepreg processes. Additionally, materials such as aramid fiber, fiberglass, and various plastics are also used. Our orthopedic technicians will explain what your individual leg orthosis will look like at your consultation appointment.

  • Therapy helmet made of carbon or plastic

    Carbon is characterized by its high strength with relatively low weight. Thus, we can produce very light therapy helmets. However, the disadvantage is that carbon cannot be reshaped afterward. Here is where plastic comes into play. The big advantage of plastic is that it is thermoplastically deformable. However, it is not as stable as carbon. As you can see, it is not easy to determine in advance which material is most suitable for you. That is why we discuss each supply extensively with you together.

  • Therapy helmet in 3D printing or carbon casting process

    Ich bin ein so genannter Untertitel.

    We have tried various manufacturing processes in our specialized workshop. Indeed, the carbon casting resin process based on a plaster cast of the head has proven to be particularly suitable.

    The plaster cast ensures an optimal mold even for very active children.

    The 3D scan also works very well and precisely but only if the child can keep the head still for an extended period.

    The carbon fibers are currently still superior to 3D printing in terms of lightness with high stability.

    If you are unsure which process is right for you, come by and get advised by us.