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Medical compression stockings are used when people have venous disorders, lipoedema, or lymphedema. They are also beneficial for other conditions, scars, or burns. In the production of flat knit compression stockings, the stockings are knitted in a line using a special machine. The increase in stitches then ensures the shape and desired pressure gradient.

Unlike circular knit stockings, flat knit stockings have a seam. They are very robust, less elastic, and can exert a high, more uniform pressure on the legs. Therefore, they are also well-suited for people with a high leg circumference or anatomical deviations.


Compression care from the Munich specialist

Flat knit compression stockings provide the appropriate pressure gradient against edema. Additionally, they reduce existing pain in lipoedema, which many customers perceive as a significant relief. Particularly in combination with other therapeutic measures, such as lymphatic drainage, skin care, or exercise, flat knit stockings can be a good supplement and reduce or prevent the re-swelling of legs or feet.
Compression stockings are usually custom-made—for men as well as women. They adapt to your individual body shape. Since flat knit stockings are particularly robust and stable, they are also preferred for people with weight issues.

Medical compression stockings aid in various conditions such as varicose veins, connective tissue weakness, lipoedema, lymphedema, venous insufficiency, thrombosis, cramps, or pregnancy-related edema. They can also be used for burns or scar pain. Compression garments help in various ways:

  • Reduce swelling
  • Relieve legs and feet
  • Stabilize ligaments and tendons
  • Improve blood and lymph flow
  • Assist in regeneration

Although we talk about stockings, flat knit compression care can also be applied to other areas, such as arms or hands. There are also compression stockings in different lengths, such as knee-highs, calf stockings, or pantyhose.
The material from which the compression garments are made is also important. In addition to microfiber, polyamide, or polyester, materials like cotton or even merino wool can be used. For instance, merino wool can have a cooling function in summer and a warming function in winter. At Ergonomic Care, we always consider potential allergies, intolerances, and preferences when selecting compression stockings. Every stocking should be skin-friendly and moisture-regulating and thus comfortable to wear. In an initial free consultation, we therefore present the various models in detail and discuss together which materials are suitable for you.

Costs of compression stockings

Typically, compression stockings are prescribed by a doctor, thus the health or nursing insurance covers the costs for two pairs per year. In special cases – for example, if there are special material requests – patients may have to make a co-payment. You will be informed about this in advance by our staff. On request, we will then make you an individual, affordable offer.

Buying compression stockings for the first time at Ergonomic Care

Before purchasing suitable flat knit stockings, there is first a free consultation with our experienced staff. Here, you will learn everything about the materials, compression classes, and functions. Equally important is the measuring by a specialist. Since compression garments are custom-made and thus the stockings achieve the desired therapeutic success, it is crucial to measure leg length and circumference accurately. Compression stockings must fit tightly, but should not constrict. This is checked during the first fitting.

You will also always receive helpful tips for the care of your flat knit stockings and skin care tips at Ergonomic Care when purchasing compression stockings. And of course, thanks to our many years of experience, we also know the easiest way to put on the stockings and pass this knowledge on to our customers in the dressing training. Dressing aids are also part of our offering. Just come by with your prescription at Sendlinger Tor, and together we will find the optimal compression care. We will end your pain.

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Your benefits at Ergonomic Care in Munich

Free consultation and dressing training

Fair prices

Thanks to our modern High Tech milling machine from Voxelcare, we are able to produce orthopedic insoles of the highest quality at moderate costs.
For orthopedic insoles on prescription, you pay a maximum of 10€ extra.

Computer-assisted 3D measurement

For optimal results, we measure your feet on-site with one of the most advanced 2D or 3D scanners.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

We are confident in our quality, therefore we adjust your orthopedic insole for free until you are satisfied.

I got my first flat knit compression pantyhose at Ergonomic Care. From making the appointment, through measurement, to fitting, I was very well taken care of. The staff are very friendly and the pantyhose fits perfectly. I was also extensively advised on further options for compression hosiery. I 100% recommend Ergonomic Care for flat knit compression.

E. Scheiner – Customer

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