Foot orthosis and ankle orthosis Munich

One of our most important joints is our ankle joint, which has an extremely complex structure with its multitude of bones and ligaments. It is stressed with every step we take in everyday life, and sports such as jogging or jumping place many times our own body weight on the ankle. Unfortunately, the risk of injury is correspondingly high.

The most common injuries are overloading of the ankle joint or even torn ligaments. Even minor accidents such as twisting the ankle can be extremely painful. The foot orthoses from ergonomic care help you on the road to recovery and actively support you in healing.

Foot orthosis jump joint orthosis

The range of foot and ankle orthoses at ergonomic care Munich

In the medical supply store ergonomic care you have the choice between both prefabricated and individually made for them foot orthoses and ankle orthoses:

At ergonomic care you will find medical compression stockings in many different colors, shapes and compression classes.

Prefabricated foot orthosis and ankle orthosis

These are industrially prefabricated foot orthoses and ankle orthoses from one of our partner companies. Our team of specialists then custom-fits the orthosis exactly to your foot. In particular, we rely on the quality of Otto Bock, Basko, Bort, Bauerfeind and Össur, among others. Here we present a selection of products from these manufacturers:

Simply GoOn, Infinity Air Walker, Malleo TriStep, ankle orthosis Malleo Sprint, Malleo Neurexa pro, WalkOn / WalkOn Trimable, WalkOn Flex, WalkOn Reaction, WalkOn Reaction junior, WalkOn Reaction plus.

BORT Stabilo® Ankle Support; BORT TaloXpress; BORT TaloFX®; BORT MalleoXpress Active; BORT MalleoXpress; BORT MalleoStabil® Orthosis; BORT Foot Lift Orthosis; BORT Peroneus Splint.

AFO Leaf Spring; AFO Light; AFO Dynamic, Exoform® Dorsal Night Splint, Formfit® Gel Ankle Stirrup, Formfit® Gel Ankle Stirrup; Formfit® Gel Ankle Stirrup.

KiddieGAIT - Dynamic Ankle/Foot Orthosis for Children, KiddieROCKER - Dynamic Ankle/Foot Orthosis for Children, ATX Foot Lift Orthosis; NAVIGAIT Foot Lift Orthosis, Drop Foot Orthosis NA400, Ypsilon Flow ½ - Dynamic Ankle/Foot Orthosis; ToeOFF - Dynamic Ankle/Foot Orthoses, BlueROCKER - Dynamic Ankle/Foot Orthoses.

Genumedi® PA , Genumedi® PT, Genumedi® PSS, Genumedi® pro, Stabimed® pro RICE, Stabimed® RICE, medi Soft OA, Stabimed® pro, medi PT control®, Stabimed®, medi Soft OA light, Collamed® / Collamed® long, Collamed® / Collamed® long, M.4 X-lock®, M.4®s OA, M.4s® comfort, M.4®s OA comfort, medi ROM, medi Classic, medi Classic Air, medi Jeans, medi PTS®, medi Classic Kidz, medi ROM Kidz.

If you have not found a particular product here, please ask for it in our store. If a desired foot orthosis or ankle orthosis is not in stock, we will gladly organize it as quickly as possible, or offer an equivalent alternative.

Customized foot orthosis and ankle orthosis

When prefabricated foot orthoses and ankle orthoses no longer provide adequate care, custom-made orthoses are used. Reasons for this can be enormous malpositions or special fit requirements. Corrective orthoses in the field of pediatrics, i.e. children's/adolescent medicine, are also usually custom-made. To protect pre-stressed joints due to sports, such as handball, a custom-made orthosis can be the perfect protection against injuries.

The development and manufacture of orthoses is one of the main focuses of orthopedic technology at ergonomic care Munich. We specialize in the growth-oriented fitting of children and adolescents, as well as the manufacture of individual aids for adults that are suitable for everyday use. By processing state-of-the-art materials, such as carbon fiber in cast resin technology, we are able to achieve optimal stability and wearing comfort even with reduced weight of the orthosis. In addition, we manufacture the orthosis according to your color and design wishes.

At ergonomic care you will find medical compression stockings in many different colors, shapes and compression classes.

Examples from our workshop

Foot orthosis with spring joint in jersey look

Foot orthosis with spring joint in carbon look

Our brands

Ankle orthosis-foot orthosis-custom-made-at ergonomic care Munich

Your advantages with ergonomic Care

Very nice, helpful store. I got an orthosis after tearing a ligament and Andi went to a lot of trouble to get me a suitable one. Only recommend!

A. Owuso - customer

In three steps to your perfectly fitting foot orthosis and ankle orthosis


Free consultation and measurement in our branch at Sendlinger Tor

Come to the branch at any time without an appointment. Just bring your prescription with you.
We will explain your condition to you in detail. We will also provide you with free information material.

We will then inform you about the further course of care. Furthermore, we will take care of the billing with your health insurance company. You do not have to worry about anything.

If necessary, we can also advise you on how to obtain the appropriate prescription from your doctor.

Compression stockings Free consultation and measurement in our branch at Sendlinger Tor


Modulate plaster cast at ergonomic care workshop in Munich

Individual adaptation of the foot orthosis and ankle orthosis to your symptoms

We work with you to select the right model for your individual indication. In most cases, we can supply you directly on site. If the right orthosis for you is not in stock, we can order it for you within a few days.
In the case of more complex complaints, you will usually receive a prescription for a custom-made orthosis from your doctor.
After a detailed anamnesis, we plan your orthosis and then manufacture it on site in our workshop at Sendlinger Tor.


Collection and final adjustments

As soon as your orthosis is ready, you will be conveniently notified by us via SMS.
Upon pick-up, we will check the optimal fit and train you with the handling of your knee orthosis.

Knee orthosis special construction carbon technology at ergonomic care munich

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Frequently asked questions

At ergonomic care, we now have over 20 years of experience in the healthcare industry. We combine this experience in proven manufacturing processes with a modern workshop and sophisticated techniques. In addition, we are your one-stop shop for advice, analysis, recommendations, adjustments and care.

For this reason, we can guarantee you the highest wearing comfort and functionality with our orthoses.

A foot orthosis corrects or relieves the ankle joint. This keeps muscles, ligaments and joints in their corrected position through targeted guidance and stabilization, thus relieving pain. A foot orthosis can be used for chronic or acute pain and malpositioning. Likewise, if a muscle group fails, a foot orthosis can compensate for the missing function in the ankle joint (stroke). A foot orthosis also prevents chronic pain.

The foot lifter orthosis compensates for the failure of a muscle group with the aid of a joint. This prevents a pathological gait pattern from developing in the case of foot lifter weakness (peroneal paralysis). In addition, the risk of falling is significantly reduced.

A foot orthosis is an aid that is close to the body and is intended to ensure a balance between mobility and stability of the body. They are used, for example, after injuries or when limbs are malpositioned. The foot orthosis is made individually for you in our own workshop using the latest materials such as carbon, Kevlar and special resins

It is not possible to determine the exact wearing time of the foot orthosis in advance. In the case of acute injuries, such as a torn ligament, the foot orthosis can be discarded after the healing process. In the case of chronic diseases, the orthosis must continue to be worn because the deformity or paralysis still exists. However, this decision will of course be made together with your attending physician and physiotherapist.

Every contract physician may prescribe medical aids at the expense of the statutory health insurance, regardless of whether he is a general practitioner or a specialist.

In most cases, the costs for an orthosis are covered by the health insurance; you only have to contribute the statutory co-payment. The cost coverage by the health insurance usually refers to the standard supply. Therefore, they should go to a medical supply store with the prescription issued by the doctor and get detailed advice on the supply.

Especially in spastic paralysis, but also in connection with other neurological diseases affecting the entire foot (including pathological curling of the toes), pathological changes of the skeleton of the foot occur, resulting in significant functional impairment.

If the deformity is dynamic, i.e., can be passively corrected with the hands, there is the option of orthopedic treatment with a dynamic ankle orthosis.

Carbon is characterized by its high strength with relatively low weight. This allows us to produce very lightweight foot orthoses. The disadvantage, however, is that the carbon cannot be deformed afterwards. This is where plastic comes into play. The great advantage of plastic is that it is thermoplastically deformable. However, it is not as stable as carbon. As you can see, it is not easy to determine in advance which material is most suitable for you. That is why we discuss every restoration with you in detail.

The abbreviations are derived from the international classification of orthoses. AFO means Ankle Foot Orthosis in full, whereas DAFO means Dynamic Ankle Foot Orthosis.

Thus, on the one hand, in the case of an AFO, the ankle joint is usually held in correction without movement, and on the other hand, in the case of a DAFO, movement is permitted by, for example, a joint in the ankle joint.