What is scoliosis?

Scoliosis is a disease of the spine in which there is a lateral curvature. There are different forms, the best known and most common is idiopathic scoliosis. Idiopathic means that no exact cause can be identified. It is believed that there is unequal growth of the front and back parts of each vertebral body, resulting in rotation of the entire spine.

What are the symptoms of scoliosis?

The disease develops insidiously during growth. At the beginning, there are usually no symptoms; pain only occurs as the spine becomes increasingly bent. In the majority of children affected, the scoliosis regresses in the course of the disease, so that no treatment is necessary. However, if the disease progresses, there is increasing pain and malpositioning of the upper body. If left untreated, this can have serious consequences, such as reduced respiratory function due to the restricted development of the lungs or painful contact between the ribs and pelvic bones.

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How is scoliosis treated?

Treatment is individualized depending on the severity of the scoliosis. An X-ray of the spine is used to measure an angle (Cobb angle) between certain vertebrae. Depending on the degree of this angle, a decision is made either for physiotherapy alone or, if necessary, for supplementary brace treatment or surgical stiffening of the spine.

What is the purpose of a corset?

Therapy with a brace can prevent the progression of the disease. Due to intensive training as well as cooperation with specialists and physiotherapists in private practice, we offer state-of-the-art corsets for people with scoliosis. Chêneau corsets and nBrace scoliosis night corsets are made by us according to the latest international scientific findings by the manufacturer Ortholutions - individually for each patient.

How is a corset fitted?

Right at the first appointment we take a lot of time for our patients with scoliosis. We want to get to know you and your child well in the process and will then perform the measure and 3-D scan trunk scan. The measurements taken and X-rays of your child's spine are sent to the manufacturer Ortholutions. A team of experts will check all data in detail according to biomechanical aspects before fabrication and will then manufacture the appropriate brace. The qualified orthopedic technicians of Ergonomic Care GmbH in Munich will try on the corset at a second appointment. Here, all questions are answered and a wearing schedule is worked out. It is a matter of physical and psychological acclimatization for the whole family. Children and adolescents with scoliosis need time to become familiar with the new body sensation in the corset. Acceptance by family and friends also plays a crucial role in getting them to wear the brace. In addition, people with scoliosis should learn to breathe into the free spaces within the corset. Close, interdisciplinary cooperation between orthotists, doctors, physiotherapists and the entire family is our top priority. Only constructive feedback on the course of treatment enables us to find individual solutions and ensure holistic care.

Conclusion: prevention of the progression of scoliosis thanks to a brace

Scoliosis, if left untreated, leads to massive restrictions in the daily life of the affected person. With the help of an individually fitted corset, it is possible to prevent the progression of the disease. We support the whole family in cooperation with doctors and physiotherapists and develop adapted solutions for each body.

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