Children's rehab technology - Great help for the little ones

When it comes to rehab technology and orthopedic aids for children, creativity and inventiveness are often required, because even the youngest children want to be mobile and active - regardless of their illness or handicap. Every child is curious and adventurous in his or her own way - we make it a point to let them live out these qualities. The aids must therefore be robust.

In childhood, body size, weight and coordination change at a comparatively rapid pace, so it is important that the aids can be adapted to the different conditions as easily as possible.

However, it is equally important to have an empathetic and patient approach as well as an age-appropriate operation or usability of the of the respective assistive systems.

On the other hand, a child's smile or pride in what they have achieved is often the best reward we can have at Ergonomic Care. Children therefore play a special role for us. Their therapy successes, their mobility, their ability to cope with everyday life (for the whole family), their freedom from pain and support are especially close to our hearts as orthopedic technicians. For this reason, we at Ergonomic Care are additionally specialized in individual custom-made products for aids.

Our range of rehab equipment for children at Ergonomic Care includes the following:

  • Walking and crawling aids
  • Movement trainer
  • Wheelchairs (manual and electric)
  • Ramps
  • Seat shells and frames
  • Standing aids
  • Storage aids
  • Children care beds
  • Bicycles and tricycles
  • Bathing aids / toilet aids
  • Car seats and buggies
  • Therapy chairs
  • and many other tools

Many of these aids are not only intended for the home, but can also be used in schools, daycare centers or gardens. Our range includes both standardized and individual solutions, which are created in our Munich workshop. In close cooperation with therapists, doctors and of course the family, we work together to find the best possible care and support without overtaxing or "overproviding".

Children's needs for rehabilitation technology

We proudly count ourselves among the leading medical supply stores for children's rehab technology. Our Ergonomic Care employees therefore take part in regular further training so that we are always up to date. However, the goal always remains the same: to support children and young people with disabilities in the best possible way to enable them to lead an active, mobile life and to experience participation together with others. This helps them to make their own experiences despite their limitations, to have fun and thus contributes to their physical and psychological development. Each child has its own needs, so we pay attention to:

  • Mobility and activity level
  • Disease
  • Wishes and needs of the children
  • Wishes of the parents or family

In contrast to orthopedic aids for adults, rehabilitation products for children must "grow" with the patient to a greater extent. Ongoing adjustments and repeated measurements as well as continuous support are therefore a matter of course. At the same time, we pay special attention to the quality of the aids. Modern rehabilitation technology for children makes use of robust materials such as high-quality aluminum or carbon fibers, supplemented by plastics and other materials as required. They ensure that the respective aids are nevertheless not too heavy and make them easier to use.

The adaptation processes for children's rehab technology are also subject to special requirements, which we at Ergonomic Care are always aware of. We know that a great deal of patience and empathy is sometimes necessary when learning to use and accept assistive devices. However, time and again, we encounter special children (and families) whose enthusiasm, courage, optimism and gratitude never fail to impress us. Accompanying a child's recovery or helping them to become more independent is therefore a demanding but at the same time very rewarding job for us as orthopedic technicians. We are happy when we can help children and their families and when our work contributes to them being able to enjoy their lives without worries.

Custom made seat shells in special construction for children

We are also particularly specialized in seating shells for children of all ages. These are suitable for patients with myelodysplasia, infantile cerebral palsy, systemic myopathies and clinical pictures with scoliotic spinal deformities. If your child cannot maintain a certain sitting position independently, he or she is supported by the custom-made seat shell. We produce these with a precise fit by means of a vacuum or plaster cast or 3D scan.

A seat shell shaped to fit the body stabilizes the pelvis and torso, gives your child support and stability, compensates for restricted movement and enables an upright, anatomical sitting posture

Examples from our workshop

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