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The ankle joint refers to the connection between the foot and the lower leg. Even though we normally only talk about one or the ankle joint, it actually consists of two sensitive joints, the upper and lower ankle joint. It is held together by ligaments that are put under a lot of stress, especially during jumps, impacts, abrupt movements and, of course, when you twist your ankle. Many injuries and irritations of the ankle joint therefore often occur during sports.

Wearing a brace can significantly increase the stability of the ankle joint and the ligaments and thus prevent injuries. However, a bandage can also be a good support for the healing process after accidents, chronic complaints or after an operation. Depending on which of these functions the brace should fulfill, different models are recommended. In addition, an ankle brace should of course always be adapted to the leg or foot of the wearer so that, for example, there are no chafing points and the blood can continue to flow freely. At Sanitätshaus Ergonomic Care, we therefore carefully measure your foot and advise you free of charge on which support is best for you.


Ankle supports - the right support for sports and everyday life

Especially twisting injuries often lead to damage to the outer ligaments of the ankle joint. Very often this happens during sports, but walking or running on rough terrain or age-related insecurities when moving can also lead to this. Overall, the ankle joint itself and the ligaments are among the most commonly injured and irritated joints, accounting for about 20% of all sports injuries.
An ankle brace or ankle support can not only protect against such injuries, it can also help in other ways:

  • Stabilization and protection in case of twisting or other sudden impacts
  • Swellings are reduced
  • The mobility of the joint is supported
  • The joint is kept warm
  • Light compression helps joint fluids and blood flow
  • Modern bandages also perform a light massage function
  • Immobilizes the joint in case of irritation and reduces strain
  • Pain relief for chronic irritation

Ankle and ankle supports are available from medical supply stores in different strengths, depending on the desired function. For example, in the case of an existing injury, immobilization is more the goal, whereas in the case of sports supports, a supporting and stabilizing function is more desired. In any case, care should be taken to ensure that the bandage fits correctly and is the right size to prevent constriction or unpleasant friction. It is therefore advisable to always buy a bandage from a local specialist in order to find the right bandage. Feel free to stop by our Munich store for a free consultation. Together we will find the support that fits your needs from the large selection.

What to look for when buying an ankle or ankle brace

The range of bandages is large, also on the Internet. However, a lack of advice and measuring often leads to incorrect purchases. The result is bandages that do not fit properly and thus do not have the stabilizing effect they should have or lead to chafing, pressure points or reduced blood flow. Instead of relieving pain and reducing swelling, the opposite can then occur.
So it's best to come see us in person at Ergonomic Care at Sendlinger Tor. With our large selection of supports, together we will find the right one for your ankle, for both severe and mild discomfort - after measuring the circumference of your ankle.



Ankle and ankle supports for sports

The ankle is often subjected to high stresses, especially during sports, whether running or ball sports, for example. Abrupt braking or changes of direction can put a lot of strain on the ligaments and tendons. And the risk of twisting an ankle is also increased. In addition to good footwear, wearing a brace can also reduce the risk of injury. An ankle brace increases stability and safety, even during fast movements. At the same time, it is particularly important with a sports bandage that it does not restrict mobility and that wearing it is perceived as comfortable.
We will be happy to advise you on the subject of sports supports and help you find the right ankle support that will help you optimally. If you come to us with a prescription due to existing complaints, we will take care of the billing and help you to master everyday life without complaints.

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Your advantages with ergonomic Care

Ankle or ankle supports from Ergonomic Care - Your advantages

In our medical supply store, we carry a large selection of bandages from various manufacturers. Depending on the symptoms or desired function, the choice can vary greatly. At Ergonomic Care, our customers can always rely on receiving the best possible support. To this end, we not only carefully measure the ankle circumference, but also advise you in detail on the advantages and disadvantages of specific products. Our goal is your well-being.

The first medical supply store that could help me.
Due to my tendovaginitis on both arms, no medical supply store had the splints there but here in Ergonmic Care I was even offered a cheaper variant and ordered immediately.
When I picked up the splints, everything went smoothly and I was helped immediately. The service - from the consultation, order and pickup - was top! Thank you again and I will be happy to come to you again.

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Frequently asked questions

An ankle brace can stabilize and also helps with sprains, swelling and many other complaints. However, even a bandage can often only work in conjunction with other therapeutic recommendations, especially in the case of chronic complaints. We therefore recommend consulting a doctor in any case.

In many cases, bandages are prescribed by orthopedists and doctors as part of a conservative therapy for the ankle joint or ankle. In this case, the health insurance company covers the cost of the bandage. However, you can also get a customized bandage without a prescription, we will be happy to make you an inexpensive offer.

For optimal fit and noticeable stabilization, the ankle should be measured in advance. In a conversation, you should also clarify which complaints are present and what the support should (and can) do. Depending on this, you will then be shown a selection of supports in the medical supply store, which you can test in terms of comfort and price.