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Health determines our daily lives. New legal regulations, increasing speed and rising demands on the individual require an ever greater awareness of maintaining well-being and health. As a medical supply store, we design solutions tailored to your health and life needs. We are specialists in the areas of care, orthopedics and rehab. As a certified master craftsman company, our name Ergonomic Care stands for the highest quality and individuality.

Orthopedic aids in the best quality

Our claim is to support you at all times with the best possible quality - through current, innovative technology. Our orthopedic aids are manufactured according to the latest technology and biomechanics. Since 2006, we at Ergonomic Care Munich have been manufacturing the following products, among others:

  • Arm prostheses
  • Leg prostheses
  • insole
  • Orthotics
  • Standing apparatus
  • Walking apparatus

All tools are precisely adapted to the customer's needs.

Individual aids for children with handicap

Children with handicaps are particularly close to our hearts. We want to enable them to live as carefree a life as possible with our orthopedic aids. For them, we have established a special area in rehabilitation technology for children.

You will find us centrally located in Münchnen - directly at Sendlinger Tor in the heart of the city. Our medical supply store offers you everything on 400 square meters that makes your everyday life easier. Our workshop is located in the same building. We advise and supply members of all health insurance funds. If necessary, we also come to your home or to the practice of your doctor or therapist.

ergonomic care in dialogue with doctors, clinics and health insurance companies

We begin our consultation with an extensive, confidential discussion and anamnesis. Our goal: Aids such as orthoses or prostheses should fit your life and bring you more quality of life. To achieve this, it is important for our Ergonomic Care specialists to learn more about your everyday life, your professional life and your hobbies in order to better assess your needs. We also include psychological and social aspects in our consultation. We focus on dialogue and cooperation and coordinate closely with doctors, clinics, therapists and health insurance companies. We are happy to accompany you through the sometimes complicated approval procedures of the health insurance companies. So that you can concentrate on the essentials: Your health care Munich and recovery.

Orthotics and prosthetics our services

At ergonomic care, we offer a wide range of high-quality solutions for a variety of medical indications. Our orthopedic aids include the following offerings in the field of orthotics and prosthetics:


  • Hand orthoses
  • Foot orthoses, dynamic foot orthoses (DAFO)
  • Knee orthoses
  • Cross-pelvic orthoses (RGO)
  • Carbon spring orthoses
  • Night storage orthoses
  • Quengel rails
  • Walking orthoses


  • Cosmetic silicone prostheses
  • Orthoprostheses
  • Lower leg prostheses
  • Femoral prostheses
  • C-Leg certified company

Depending on the need, we manufacture the orthoses with the help of the

  • Thermoforming technology
  • the carbon fiber casting resin technique or
  • the prepreg technique



Ashraf Salameh

Owner & Managing Director


Marcin Dyszkiewicz

Master orthopedic technician

Philipp Lipowsky

Philipp Lipowsky

Master orthopedic technician


Andreas Schneider

Orthopedic technician


Marc Sobachi

Orthopedic technician


Raid Mesri



Benno mason

Orthopedic technician


Khulud Salim


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Lindwurm Str. 5

Open from Monday to Friday from 9:00 - 18:00.
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