In the field of shoe technology, Ergonomic Care in Munich is a reliable and competent contact for you. We take the time for a professional and accurate diagnosis and consultation, to then manufacture your orthopedic shoes using proven techniques along with the most modern technologies and materials.

What we offer:

  • Therapy shoes
  • Custom shoes, street shoes, sports shoes, slippers, safety shoes
  • Shoe adjustments
  • Diabetic foot and shoe care
  • Foot Center
  • Motion and Sports Center

Individually crafted custom shoes are no longer visually distinguishable from high-quality collection shoes. However, your foot certainly feels a difference: It is comfortable and does not suffer from a poor fit.

Our shoe technology experts take into account various factors when manufacturing custom shoes. For example, the human foot elongates during the rolling phase and widens under load. Therefore, not every off-the-rack shoe is suited for your feet: Orthopedic problems can be exacerbated by a poorly fitted shoe.

In the manufacturing of an orthopedic shoe according to the latest standards in shoe technology, our staff calculate the ideal ratio of the last to the ball point. Many satisfied customers report that their foot problems no longer exist thanks to new custom shoes from Ergonomic Care.


In addition to orthopedic shoes, we offer functional foot aids, which we custom-make for you based on a load diagram or body shape model. These aids

  • correct foot deformities,
  • prevent malformations,
  • counteract functional deviations of the foot’s shape or
  • prevent corrective recurrences.

Foot aids relieve the entire sole of the foot. For an optimal solution, we offer three shoe technology systems:

  • Corrective inserts (Sensory motor shoe insoles): They are predominantly suitable for children, whose feet are still malleable. Changes in body weight distribution are possible at any age.
  • Copy insoles: They relieve the foot by copying the sole’s shape and ensure that pressure is evenly distributed. This treatment is especially suitable for adults.
  • Support insoles: They support heavily stressed feet and ensure, depending on the material, that they are softly cushioned. Especially older people use support insoles.

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