Compression stockings in Munich

Sanitätshaus ergonomic care - Your first address for compression stockings in Munich!

Compression stockings exert pressure on the veins and thus support the transport of blood from the legs back to the heart, We are happy to advise and support you in choosing the right compression stockings.

Sanitätshaus ergonomic care - Your first address for compression stockings in Munich!
At ergonomic care you will find medical compression stockings in many different colors, shapes and compression classes.

Our assortment

At ergonomic care you will find medical compression stockings in many different colors, shapes and compression classes.

We offer the following products in our branch at Sendlinger Tor:

  • Compression stockings circular knitted
  • Compression stockings flat knitted
  • Travel stockings / support stockings

Compression stockings for legs are divided into:

  • Calf stockings
  • Half thigh stockings
  • Thigh high stockings
  • Pantyhose
  • Capri pants
  • Bermuda pants
  • Leggings

In addition, we offer the best selection of top brands with top quality in our assortment.

Our brands


Differences flat knit / circular knit

Circular knitted compression stockings Flat knitted compression stockings
Manufacturing method Circular knitted compression stockings

Circular knitted compression stockings manufacturing method

Manufacturing method flat knitted compression stockings

Flat knitted compression stockings

Seam Without seam With seam
Knitted knitted on round cylinder knitted in flat rows
Mesh count uniform variable
Form Shape due to variable mesh size and
Pretension of the weft thread
Shape by variable number of meshes, weft thread inserted
Stretch high low
Weft unapologetically entwined
Working pressure low high
Effect Effect on vessels - veins Primary effect increase in tissue pressure,
secondary effect on the vessels
Application area Treatment of venous disorders Treatment of lymphatic patients with edema
Medical compression stockings class 2, open toe, beige

Your advantages with ergonomic Care

I got my first pair of flat-knit compression tights at Ergonomic Care. From the appointment, to the measurement, to the fitting, I was in very good hands. The staff is very friendly and the tights fit great. I was also given extensive advice about other compression stocking options. I recommend Ergonomic Care for flat knit compression 100%.

E. Scheiner - customer

Three steps to your perfectly fitting compression stockings


Free consultation and measurement in our branch at Sendlinger Tor

Come to the branch at any time without an appointment. Just bring your prescription with you.
We will explain your condition to you in detail. We will also provide you with free information material.

We will then inform you about the further procedure and explain the billing process with the health insurance companies.

Compression stockings Free consultation and measurement in our branch at Sendlinger Tor


Individual measurement and specific adaptation to your complaint pattern

Individual measurement and specific adaptation to your complaint pattern

In our examination room we take the exact measurements as a basis for their optimal fitting.

Then you can choose from a wide range of colors and patterns.


Manufacturing and cooling

Your supply will now be manufactured by our partners in a few days. As soon as your stocking is finished you will receive a notification via SMS.
Upon collection we will check the optimal fit and train you with the handling of your stocking

compression stocking black class 2 fitting

close to you

Directly at Sendlinger Tor
Lindwurm Str. 5

Open from Monday to Friday from 9:00 - 18:00.
Come by the store at any time without an appointment!

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Frequently asked questions

Medical compression stockings are available as calf stockings (AD), half-thigh stockings (AF), thigh stockings (AG) and also as tights for both sexes (AT).

Furthermore there are maternity tights for expectant mothers(AT/U)

Here it is important to mention that the tights do not have compression at the waist part. Thus, expectant mothers can be cared for throughout pregnancy without any problems, because the maternity pants grow with the baby bump

At the medical supply store of your choice, a specialist consultant will take measurements for your "stockings". Flat-knitted compression garments are usually made to measure, since each edema is localized differently and the anatomical conditions of the "lymphatic extremities" are difficult.

At ergonomic care, you do not need an appointment. You can come by at any time to be measured. Our consultants will be happy to advise you. However, it is advantageous if you come in the morning to be measured, because then the legs are not yet so swollen.
If you have any questions, you can always contact us by phone.

Normally, a prescription is valid for up to 28 days with most health insurance companies. If you are not sure, please contact us.

Anyone suffering from a disease of the veins or lymphatic system wears medical compression stockings for treatment. These diseases include, for example, varicose veins, thrombosis,
lymphedema and phlebitis
For optimal therapy success, you should wear and wash your medical compression stockings daily. Patients with venous complaints and chronic venous insufficiency (CVI) wear their medical compression stockings from morning to night, throughout their lives. This also applies to lymphedema and lipedema patients.

Compression therapy should also be initiated in the case of acute complaints, for example in the case of phlebitis, or after vein surgery (varicose vein removal, varicose vein sclerotherapy). The duration of the therapy is determined individually by your attending physician.

The doctor can prescribe medical compression stockings (2 times a year) if indicated. You bear a (small) part of the costs yourself.
Compression stockings are subject to the statutory co-payment obligation. If there is no exemption, the co-payment must be made directly at the medical supply store or pharmacy. It amounts to 10 percent of the costs - at least €5 and a maximum of €10 per aid. Up to €30 extra can be charged for a premium supply.

If you decide on a desired model (e.g. from a particular manufacturer or with a particular color) after the consultation, the medical supply store/pharmacy will inform you of the amount of the additional surcharge.

The additional costs may vary depending on the medical supply store. If you would like a specific compression fitting, we recommend that you obtain information about the additional costs from various medical supply stores/pharmacies.

According to the manufacturer, compression stockings last about half a year with regular use. Then you should get new ones prescribed - if necessary.

According to the manufacturer, with proper handling and care, the compression effect decreases after about half a year of daily use.

There are four compression classes. Experts also speak of CCL 1 to 4: the higher the class, the stronger the compression: this is the pressure exerted by the medical compression stocking. The doctor specifies the compression class on the prescription for medical compression stockings.

Statutory health insurance funds cover two pairs of compression stockings or compression tights per year in any case. They cover a large part of the costs. With daily wearing and washing, the compression pressure slowly decreases. Therefore, it is possible to receive a new pair of compression stockings - the so-called "re-supply" - every six months. Your doctor can prescribe these for you if they are medically necessary.

For the treatment of venous disorders, compression stockings are manufactured using the circular knitting method and are therefore similar to conventional stockings. Lymphatic patients with edema, on the other hand, are treated with flat-knit compression stockings. But where exactly is the difference?

While circular knitted stockings are produced seamless and spirally, flat knitted compression stockings have a seam and can thus exert a high, flat pressure on the leg by means of robust materials. In contrast to circular knitted stockings, flat knitted stockings are suitable for the treatment of larger circumferences and difficult anatomical conditions, as they have less elasticity and hold the edema together like a wall.