Power wheelchair in Munich

Shopping, working, meeting friends: With a power wheelchair, you can move flexibly through everyday life despite your impairment and participate independently in social life. At Ergonomic Care, we accompany you on your way to more mobility - from the initial consultation and contact with the health insurance company to the selection and configuration of the power wheelchair and the first ride with your aid. Our team is there to help you in word and deed at the medical supply store in Munich.

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Which power wheelchair suits me?

Height, weight, physical conditions, spatial environment and lifestyle: people are different - just like their requirements for the power wheelchair. During the consultation at Ergonomic Care in Munich, we therefore determine your individual needs as precisely as possible in order to find a power wheelchair that guarantees you maximum independence and mobility.

  • Field of application: Where do you want to use the power wheelchair ?
  • Range: What is the maximum distance you cover in one go?
  • Drive: Front-, rear- or center-wheel drive are decisive for maneuverability, tracking stability and suitability for indoor and outdoor driving.
  • Additional functions: Do you need a power wheelchair with standing function for rehab?
  • Spatial conditions: Are your home and workplace barrier-free or wheelchair accessible, or does the wheelchair need to be particularly compact?
  • Control: In addition to the electric wheelchair with joystick, more and more manufacturers offer alternative controls so that you can adapt the operation to your needs and drive the wheelchair by finger, tablet, foot, head, chin or mouth, for example.
  • Accessories: Do you need accessories like seat cushions to get through everyday life easily, comfortably and safely?

Indoor and outdoor power wheelchairs

The power wheelchair for home use must meet different requirements than the device for the trip to the supermarket.

  • Small, maneuverable and flexible: indoor power wheelchairs come with small wheels and batteries. The compact dimensions allow you to move effortlessly and independently with these models at work, at school and in your own four walls.
  • An outdoor power wheelchair has wide wheels and often has a cushioned chassis that allows a safe and comfortable ride over changing surfaces. Thanks to a larger battery, you can also cover longer distances in the electric wheelchair for outdoors without interruptions. A safety belt and rear-view mirror provide additional safety in road traffic, and a lighting system is mandatory due to the electric drive.
  • Increasingly common are indoor and outdoor power wheel chairs They are a compromise between the compact devices for indoor use and full-blown off-road wheelchairs. If you decide on an all-round power wheelchair, comprehensive advice is all the more important.
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At ergonomic care you will find medical compression stockings in many different colors, shapes and compression classes.

Power wheelchair with standing function

Sitting for long periods of time is stressful for the human body in the long run and can lead to health problems. A power wheelchair with standing function. has additional motors that transport you to an upright position at the touch of a button. Straps or seat brackets on the upper body, pelvis and belt ensure a stable standing position. A power wheelchair with standing function relieves pressure on vital organs, facilitates breathing, promotes blood circulation and strengthens your cardiovascular system.

Foldable power wheelchairs

Whether power wheelchair for outdoors or indoors: At the latest at the airplane you reach a limit with classic power wheelchairs. With a foldable power wheelchair, you minimize the packing size and transport your aid easily in the car, train or airplane, thus increasing your room for maneuver - and radius.

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Buying a power wheelchair: In 3 steps to more mobility & maximum independence


Free consultation and measurement in our branch at Sendlinger Tor

Come to the branch at any time without an appointment. Just bring your prescription with you.
We will explain your condition to you in detail. We will also provide you with free information material.

We will then inform you about the further course of care. Furthermore, we will take care of the billing with your health insurance company. You do not have to worry about anything.

If necessary, we can also advise you on how to obtain the appropriate prescription from your doctor.

Compression stockings Free consultation and measurement in our branch at Sendlinger Tor


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Ordering & processing with the health insurance

As soon as the prescription is available and we have configured your power wheelchair, we take care of the processing with the health insurance company and order the wheelchair from our partner.


Pick up & drive power wheelchair

We will inform you via SMS as soon as the power wheelchair is ready for collection. In the store, you can try out the new power wheelchair while our team provides you with useful tips for the use and care of your aid. Even after collection, we are always there for you - in person at the medical supply store or conveniently by phone.

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Power wheelchair in Munich: Frequently asked questions & answers

The cost of a power wheelchair depends on the manufacturer, the functions and the necessary accessories and can range from 1,000 - 10,000 euros. However, as a patient with a prescription, your health insurance will cover these costs. You only pay the statutory co-payment of 10 euros. However, the health insurance company always pays only for medically necessary aids. If you opt for a more expensive wheelchair with greater comfort or additional functions, you can cover the additional costs yourself. For example, patients can add a traction device to their active wheelchair.

E-wheelchairs, like active wheelchairs, glasses or rollators, are aids in the sense of SGB V, §33, if they are "necessary in individual cases to ensurethe success of the medical treatment , toprevent an impending disability or to compensate fora disability". The necessity of an aid is again determined by the attending physician, who can prescribe you the power wheelchair like a medicine and justify it to the health insurance company within the framework of an expert opinion.

Reputable power wheelchair manufacturers use long-life batteries that are optimized for constant energy output over a long period of time. Therefore, for sustainable charging of these batteries, you need to follow some rules that contradict normal charging habits. However, you can rest assured: When you pick up your power wheelchair from us at the medical supply store, you will in any case receive instruction the proper use, maintenance and care of the device.

In Germany, a power wheelchair is allowed to reach a maximum speed of 15 km/h. In practice, however, even power wheelchairs with a speed of 10 km/h are rarely covered by health insurance. In practice, however, even power wheelchairs with a speed of 10 km/h are rarely covered by health insurers. The standard speed for electric wheelchairs is 6 km/h. Private liability insurance also usually only covers devices with this maximum speed. A higher speed is achieved by electric scooters, which reach a speed of up to 15 km / h, but are not suitable as wheelchairs.