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According to studies, more than 60% of all people in Germany suffer from regular or intermittent back pain. It is one of the most common complaints with which people go to the doctor or orthopedist. The causes can be very diverse. If in one case it is tension in the back muscles, in the other it can be a sign of problems with the spine or intervertebral discs. In both cases, poor posture is often both the cause and the consequence of persistent complaints - and not only in older people.

There are many ways to do something good for your back: sports and back schools help, as does proper footwear. A mobile cushion can help with sedentary activities. Another way to support your back, especially the lumbar region, is to wear a brace.
A back brace helps stabilize the back, move more upright, maintain proper posture, and it supports the muscles. At our Munich medical supply store, we carry a wide selection of different back supports that vary in size as well as strength and stability. For this reason, customers should also take advantage of our free consultation when it comes to bandages, because choosing the right, customized back brace can effectively help against pain, poor posture and tension.


Back supports - stability and support for everyday life and sports

A good back brace adapts to the anatomy of the wearer and helps to gently straighten the back. In general, a back brace fulfills the following functions:

  • Stabilization, especially in the muscular area of the lumbar spine.
  • Correction of incorrect posture
  • Back pain relief
  • Stimulates blood circulation due to compression effect
  • Relief of the lumbar spine, if necessary avoidance of jerky movements
  • Depending on the support, under certain circumstances also massage through nap fabric or a so-called friction pad

A good support is therefore always tailored to the wearer and the personal cause of the back problems. Of course, a back brace can also be used for prevention, for example, to avoid posture problems during sedentary office work. In any case, you should seek advice from our team of experts at Ergonomic Care before purchasing a back brace. Together, we will find the right brace that not only helps you, but is also comfortable to wear without constricting.

Cost of a back brace at Ergonomic Care

If you have existing complaints, especially in the lower back, your doctor may prescribe that you wear a bandage or even an orthosis as an aid. With such a prescription, the health insurance company (or accident insurance, if applicable) will of course cover the costs of basic care. If you wish to have a higher-quality bandage, a co-payment may be required under certain circumstances.
If you voluntarily decide to wear a back brace, the cost depends on the quality and design of the particular brace. At Ergonomic Care, we carry a wide range of products for every budget, from inexpensive models to supports from well-known brand manufacturers. We will be happy to advise you in detail on site, just drop by near Sendlinger Tor. We not only determine the best price-performance ratio for your back brace, but above all we find the brace with the best fit that supports the back exactly where it does good and is important. This is the only way a brace can work to its full potential and prevent further damage. Our trained staff at Ergonomic Care will help with the individual selection of the right bra ce and also provide tips for cleaning and care.

Special case: back bandages for pregnant women

In addition to supports for the lower back, there are also supportive bandages and straight supports for the neck and shoulder area. And at Ergonomic Care, of course, pregnant women also receive professional advice and support.

So-called abdominal supports are elastic bandages, which on the one hand relieve the lower back, but at the same time support weak connective tissue in the abdominal area. Especially in the last trimester of pregnancy, back pain occurs more frequently, for which a bandage can be very pleasant and helpful. These special back supports can also be adjusted to the (growing) abdominal circumference. Our experienced team at Ergonomic Care will of course advise you in detail on the subject of back supports for pregnant women and help you find the right support.

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Due to my tendovaginitis on both arms, no medical supply store had the splints there but here in Ergonmic Care I was even offered a cheaper variant and ordered immediately.
When I picked up the splints, everything went smoothly and I was helped immediately. The service - from the consultation, order and pickup - was top! Thank you again and I will be happy to come to you again.

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Frequently asked questions

Back supports can be a very good help for acute and also chronic back pain thanks to their relieving and supporting function. This applies to both the upper and lower back. However, you should always have recurring, severe or chronic back pain examined by a doctor or orthopedist in advance.

It may happen that wearing a back brace is perceived as uncomfortable at the beginning. This is often because we are no longer used to a straight back and the correct posture. However, a brace should gently assist back to proper posture. If a brace causes severe pain, it is best to come back to our Munich branch for another consultation and we will check the fit of the brace.

If you have a prescription from your doctor or orthopedist, your health insurance will cover the cost of a bandage. You should therefore talk to your doctor about this possibility.
However, health insurance companies often only pay for the basic models. If you need a higher-quality brace, it may be necessary to make an additional payment. We will be happy to advise you in detail about this on site.