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The knee is one of the most stressed joints in the body. Almost all daily activities would be inconceivable without the knee joint. Walking, running, standing up - many movements depend on the knee.
It is not only age, overweight or sport that can take their toll on the knee joint. The complexity of the rotational hinge joint makes it quite susceptible to injury and wear and tear. In addition to osteoarthritis and cartilage damage, cruciate ligament injuries or meniscus injuries are not uncommon. In particular, sports with a high knee load, such as soccer, squash or skiing, unfortunately not infrequently lead to injuries or overloads.

A knee brace can stabilize the injured or overused knee joint and thus help it heal. In any case, you should see a doctor if you suspect a knee injury or if you experience pain, swelling or cracking in your knee. In many cases, bandages are then part of the conservative treatment option, but they can also help rest the knee after surgery.
Alternatively, bandages are also suitable for prophylaxis and prevention. Especially during sports, a knee bandage provides additional support and more stability. Sprains or other injuries occur less frequently when wearing a bandage. If you would like to wear a knee brace to protect your knee joint, come to us at the Munich medical supply store Ergonomic Care - we will be happy to advise you in detail on how a knee brace can help you protect your knee.


Knee supports - cure, stabilize, prevent

Bandages fulfill numerous different functions, but should always be chosen carefully and appropriately. Basically, a bandage should fulfill the following things:

  • It should be elastic/stretchable and at the same time stable to protect but not restrict in freedom of movement
  • Any bandage has some compression effect, but in no case should constrict blood flow.
  • Good durability even under high stress: A high-quality bandage lasts up to one and a half years and is also easy to clean.

Since a good support has to perform a lot, we also recommend to take advantage of a detailed consultation when buying. Only in this way can the optimal fit size and fit be guaranteed, in addition, our trained Ergonomic Care staff always have some helpful tips for the use and cleaning of your knee brace.

Knee supports from ergonomic care -genutrain knee joint support-relief and stabilization knee joint

How a knee brace helps

A support fulfills several functions when worn on the knee. It supports and relieves, but also prevents incorrect or jerky movements that can cause injuries or lead to incorrect loading in the long term. A support can also have a cushioning effect in the event of a fall. In addition, there is a compression pressure - as even as possible - which should not restrict blood flow under any circumstances, but helps to prevent fluid accumulation in the knee.

To fulfill all these functions, the brace should be adapted to the wearer. Age, gender, weight and even the level of training and the type of sport performed play a major role in choosing the right knee brace. Therefore, before buying a knee brace, you should get a free consultation at our medical store.

Cost of a bandage - do I need a prescription?

In many cases, for example in the case of injuries or even after knee joint surgery, bandages are prescribed by the doctor or orthopedist. Then all you have to do is come to us in downtown Munich with your prescription, and together we will find the right support. The costs will then be covered by health insurance (or possibly accident insurance). If you decide on a higher-quality support after a thorough consultation, a co-payment may be necessary.
However, you do not necessarily need a prescription. If you would like to purchase a knee brace for protection or prevention, you can of course obtain a brace from Ergonomic Care at your own expense at any time.

Knee supports by ergonomic care-medi-genumedi active support for relief and stabilization of the knee joint-soft part compression

Your advantages with ergonomic Care

Knee supports from the specialist - your advantages when buying in a medical supply store

When buying a brace, you will receive detailed advice at Ergonomic Care. We will find the optimal brace to support you in your recovery process or for preventive use to protect the knee joint. We pay as much attention to a comfortable wearing sensation as to sufficient stability. A large selection of in-stock, high-quality brand-name supports offers the opportunity to find the optimal knee joint support. You can visit us at any time for a consultation at Sanitätshaus Ergonomic Care.

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Frequently asked questions

Bandages on the knee stabilize the knee joint and can therefore be an aid in rehabilitation, as well as prevent discomfort. It supports the knee and also protects it from external impacts, which can help especially during sports. Our team will be happy to advise you in detail about the effects of a knee brace.

Knee supports can lead to noticeable relief and thus less pain in the case of pain caused by tendon overload, osteoarthritis or patella syndrome. This also applies to other knee diseases and should be tested individually. Please note, however, that it is indicated to have knee pain - especially permanent or recurring ones - examined by a doctor or orthopedist.

In principle, there are no rules for wearing knee supports, but your doctor will certainly advise you when it makes sense to wear a support. For prevention, many people wear a bandage during sports - such a sports bandage on the knee usually lasts one to one and a half years, then it should be renewed.