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A life in motion, preferably without pain. Being able to do everything you want to do. Orthopedic technology is more than just a craft for manufacturing medical aids. In our specialist workshop in downtown Munich, we use modern technology and craftsmanship to help other people and fulfill the wishes that most of us almost take for granted: Freedom from pain, freedom of movement, independence. We develop solutions together with manufacturers and customers, individually and personally for very different problems with the postural and locomotor system. This is both our incentive and motivation, but also our obligation at Ergonomic Care.

Our offer at a glance

Together with numerous manufacturers and likewise with our customers, we work daily on individually suitable aids. Our store and our workshop are the interface between high-quality products and the wishes of our customers, which always have priority. We adapt, redesign, test and change. Accuracy and skill are as much a part of our work as empathy and sensitivity. Because what is important is the result: the best possible functionality, the reduction of pain and limitations, the (re)attainment of mobility and quality of life.

To achieve these goals, we at Ergonomic Care offer a wide range of products and technical aids in the field of orthotics, prosthetics and more:

  • Orthoses for the upper extremities (arm, elbow, finger, shoulder, trunk)
  • Orthoses for the lower extremities (knee, hip, foot)
  • Prostheses for arms, legs, feet, fingers
  • Orthopedic insoles and shoe elevators

In doing so, we are much more than "salespeople". As an interface between medicine, technology and craftsmanship, we work closely with doctors, occupational therapists, care facilities, as well as manufacturers and suppliers. At Ergonomic Care, our experienced orthotists and bandage specialists pay close attention to detail and accuracy in the fitting process, whether it's a prosthesis, orthosis or bandage. That's because every orthotic product is customized to meet the individual needs of the wearer or user. To do this, we use our technical knowledge and skills as well as dexterity and sometimes ingenuity. We also have a broad knowledge of anatomy and underlying diseases. All this forms the basis for a reliable and trusting cooperation with our customers.

Relief and stabilization - Orthoses from Ergonomic Care

Orthoses are primarily used to support joints. They support, provide guidance and stabilize joints of the upper and lower extremities. Wearing an orthosis can provide relief and thus reduce pain without completely restricting mobility. In particular, overuse can be reduced by wearing an orthosis. Likewise, an orthosis can contribute to faster healing after injuries, accidents or illnesses.

Even with orthoses, it is important to cater to the individual requirements of our customers. People are as different as the underlying diseases and their effects. Accuracy in taking measurements is therefore also a matter of course for us. Thanks to our technical and medical knowledge, we can optimally fit orthoses. Thanks to training courses, we always have access to the latest technology and research.

However, product quality is just as important. That's why we source orthotics from selected specialist partners, such as Otto Bock, Basko and others. We use the combination of high-quality products and our expertise as orthopedic technicians for the benefit of our customers - a motivation that has characterized our Munich workshop from the very beginning.

Living self-determined and pain-free - Customized prostheses from Ergonomic Care

In the field of prosthesis technology, individual fabrication is particularly important, because accuracy of fit and functionality are particularly important here. On the one hand, it is important to avoid unpleasant consequences such as pressure points, but on the other hand, it is also important to use the technical possibilities to make our customers' everyday lives as self-determined and simple as possible again. Accuracy and an eye for detail therefore characterize all our employees in the Munich workshop. At the same time, close contact is sought with all those involved in order to develop the best care concept: treating physicians, therapists and, if necessary, relatives and family as well.

But the selection of the right products and materials also play a major role in meeting the demands of everyday life and beyond. If desired, sports and exercise should be just as natural for our customers as driving a car. We obtain modern joints made of resistant materials from well-known manufacturers (e.g. Otto Bock, Össur, Ortho-Reha Neuhof GmbH). Fortunately, the former wooden leg has long been a thing of the past. The goal is much more a natural, healthy gait and an active life with as few restrictions as possible.

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