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When we talk about knee prostheses at Ergonomic Care, we are of course not referring to artificial knee joints as endoprostheses that are surgically replaced or inserted in clinics, but to leg prostheses with a knee joint if an amputation had to be performed above or at the level of the knee. They are therefore referred to as transfemoral prosthesis or knee disarticulation prosthesis or knee ex-prosthesis to distinguish them.

In the field of knee ex-prostheses, there have been many further developments in recent years, so that the wide range extends from standard models to high-tech electronic models. Not only functionality and mobility are important for a suitable knee prosthesis. The prevention of falls and a high degree of stability are also important aspects in the fabrication and fitting of knee ex prostheses.

A decisive role is played by both the choice of the right components, the right fit, and the specific activities and lifestyles of our customers. The fabrication of knee prostheses is therefore highly individual and requires a great deal of craftsmanship and, at the same time, technical know-how on the part of our Ergonomic Care employees. With a great deal of experience, knowledge, but also patience and empathy, they manufacture prostheses in our workshop that enable our customers to lead active and independent lives - and we are proud of that.


Knee Ex prostheses from Ergonomic Care - as individual as their wearers

When constructing and fitting leg and knee prostheses, the aim is to take the patient's anatomical conditions precisely into account and ensure that the prosthesis fits perfectly and provides maximum functionality. At the same time, it should and must contribute a great deal to the patient's stability and gait security, which increases the biomechanical requirements in particular. It must be remembered that a knee prosthesis is usually intended to replace two joints, the knee and the ankle. Buckling and non-buckling must be precisely controlled. Nowadays, this is more and more often realized by means of electronic control. There are many functions and parameters that must be considered in a knee ex-prosthesis.

Therefore, an important step in the construction and fitting of knee ex-prostheses is choosing the right components. There are different types of prostheses suitable for different activities and needs. For example, there are prostheses for sports activities, everyday activities or occupational activities. Our employees advise our patients on which prosthesis is best for them and which components are best suited to their needs. In addition to modern components such as carbon or plastic, electronic components are being used more and more frequently and in greater numbers, especially in knee ex-prostheses, and some of these can even be controlled by smartphone. There are also different solutions for the prosthesis stem, for example soft-wall inner funnels, silicone liners, clasp stems or a PBSS stem. The optimal solution always depends on the patient.
Basically, a knee ex-prosthesis consists of the following components:

  • Shaft system
  • Knee joint
  • Foot
  • Lower leg with different cosmetics

The prosthesis is adapted to the patient's anatomical conditions by our staff in our in-house workshop at Sendlinger Tor. This ensures that the prosthesis fits perfectly and provides maximum functionality. By adapting the prosthesis to the patient's specific activities, taking into account the individual criteria of the amputation stump, and using modern technologies such as sensors and motors, the patient's quality of life can be greatly improved. As one of the most important contacts for prostheses for Munich and the surrounding area, we at Ergonomic Care therefore attach particular importance to the continuous training and further education of our prosthetists, because we want to offer our customers the best possible care.

Your advantages at Ergonomic Care in Munich

Knee prostheses from Ergonomic Care - the procedure


The consultation

During an initial (free) consultation, we take a medical history to clarify any pre-existing conditions and complaints. And, of course, wishes for the new prosthesis. An initial examination of the residual limb provides further information and the range of motion is also measured. If necessary, this can be done at your home or in a (rehab) clinic and is always done in cooperation with doctors and therapists.

Compression stockings Free consultation and measurement in our branch at Sendlinger Tor
Modulate plaster cast at ergonomic care workshop in Munich

Modeling and fabrication of the prosthesis

In further steps, not only are measurements taken of the residual limb and a plaster cast made, but an initial trial socket is also created. This is tested together with you until the optimum fit is found. Only then is the final prosthesis made.


Collection of the prosthesis

When you pick up your final prosthesis, we perform final checks and make any necessary adjustments. From now on, the time for training begins, because handling knee prostheses and the associated electronics in particular requires some practice. Although this is usually done together with therapists, we naturally support our customers throughout this phase as well. Later on, you can also have adjustments made in our workshop at any time - this is what our Ergonomic Care guarantee stands for.

Knee orthosis special construction carbon technology at ergonomic care munich

After my accident 5 years ago I have been supplied with several prosthetics from different orthopaedic technical supply stores. Here at ergonomic care it is the first time I am 100% satisfied with my prostetic.
I have been advised by a very competent employee in order to find the most suitable combination of knee joint with the prosthetic socket.
Now I have been supplied with an Ottobock C-leg and a custom fitted socket with a silicon pin liner.
My gait pattern improved significantly and I am now able to walk stairs and even far distances for a long time.
I can definitely recommend the medical supply store to anyone who is looking for a long lasting custom fit supply.

Mhsan s - customer

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