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At ergonomic care, as your medical supply store in Munich, we have gathered several years of experience in providing scooters. Especially with scooters – also called “electronic mobility aids” or “E-Scooters”, the comfort of our patients is our top priority. This mobility aid can help you regain some independence in your daily life.

In three simple steps, we help you find the E-Scooter that suits you and your needs. Feel free to visit us without an appointment at our medical supply store at Sendlinger Tor in Munich!


The Scooter Range at ergonomic care in Munich

Depending on the requirements and applications that the electronic mobility aid needs to meet, different models may be suitable. Especially when purchasing a scooter, good advice from a specialist dealer is essential.

Since you will typically use an E-Scooter for many years and also on longer trips, we recommend that you take a test drive. If, for example, you intend to use your scooter mainly for longer distances, choosing a more comfortable model is advisable. These models have full suspension and are also more back-friendly. Conversely, for shorter distances and less frequent use, a less expensive basic model is recommended.

Of course, we will assist you in choosing the right model for you and your needs!

What is a Scooter?

A scooter – also known as “electronic mobility aid” or “E-Scooter” – is a small electric vehicle with a seat. Consequently, it facilitates mobility, especially in old age, allowing you to move around effortlessly. Depending on the model, you can reach speeds between 6-15 km/h. Furthermore, you do not need a driver’s license, as this type of scooter is classified as a medical mobility chair.

Physical limitations can significantly restrict your freedom and mobility, making longer distances seem almost insurmountable. Scooters can provide relief and enable you to be active and mobile again. However, there are several factors to consider when purchasing a scooter, such as different engines and equipment. That’s why we offer E-Scooters from practical basic models to comfortable premium models.

Of course, we are happy to advise you in your decision!

What are the differences between scooters?

The biggest differences in electronic mobility aids are found in motorization, range, and equipment. For instance, a mobility scooter that travels at a maximum speed of 6 km/h must be used on sidewalks only. If you opt for a vehicle that can travel faster than 6 km/h, you are also allowed to use bike paths. Furthermore, you should only use roads in exceptional cases and at speeds over 12 km/h.

Additionally, mobility scooters suitable for bike path and road use are equipped with lighting, turn signals, hazard lights, a warning triangle, horn, and rear marking for safe use in public traffic. Moreover, there is the option to purchase practical accessories to facilitate daily use, such as shopping baskets, rearview mirrors, holders, etc.

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In three steps to your perfectly fitting scooter


Free consultation and cost estimate at our branch at Sendlinger Tor

First, you can come to our branch at any time without an appointment, just bring your prescription.
On-site, we will gladly provide detailed information about your condition and supply you with free informational materials.

We then inform you about the next steps and create a cost estimate. Upon approval from your health insurance, you only have to pay a maximum of 10 €. Special requests must be approved upon request or must be paid for by yourself. We also handle the billing with your health insurance, so you don’t have to worry about anything!


Individual selection and adjustment of the scooter

Once the cost estimate is approved, we can directly provide you with a model that fits your needs on site. Consequently, we select the electronic mobility aid together with you, customize it, and adjust it to your desires.

For instance, we adjust the backrest, seat height, and other small details on the electronic mobility aid so that you are optimally provided for.


Instruction and test drive

Once we have found a suitable model for you that meets your desires and requirements, we will instruct you in the last details of its operation. Additionally, you are welcome to take a test drive to ensure that we have found the right model for you. Afterwards, you can of course take your scooter home with you.

If you still have questions, we are happy to be your contact. We are also available for aftercare and customer service. Furthermore, we recommend that you come by about every six months to replace wear parts. In general, the health insurance also covers this. Here too, you don’t need to worry about anything! We handle the billing with the health insurance for you!

Your benefits at the medical supply store ergonomic care

Free consultation & training

Fair Prices

You can expect a legal co-payment between 5€ and a maximum of 10€ per provision for a standard model.

On the other hand, a premium provision may involve additional costs depending on the model.

Collaboration with top brand manufacturers

To ensure optimal care, ergonomic care relies on the quality of well-known manufacturers. Because the products of these manufacturers effectively support therapy with an optimal appearance. Moreover, the use of high-quality materials combined with the latest manufacturing techniques can guarantee a consistently high quality. We work exclusively with brand manufacturers such as Meyra, Invacare, Sunrise Medical, Bischoff & Bischoff, and Drive Medical.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

We are convinced of our quality, so you can come to our branch at any time if you have questions or problems with your aid.

Extremely competent and reliable team. Ultra-modern medical supply store. Highly recommended!

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Which scooter is right for me?

    Especially when purchasing an E-Scooter, competent advice from a specialist dealer is important. Since an electronic mobility aid will accompany you for many years and on longer trips, we recommend that you take a test drive. If you plan to use your scooter mainly for longer distances, it is advisable to choose a more comfortable model. These models usually have full suspension, which provides better back support during long journeys. Conversely, we recommend a less expensive basic model for shorter distances and less frequent use.

    Of course, we are always available to assist you with your selection!

  • When does health insurance pay for a scooter?

    If there is a medical indication, many health insurance companies offer the possibility to apply for an E-Scooter. Generally, an insurance or health insurance can only provide necessary care. Therefore, scooters with basic functions and limited range are usually included.

    However, there is the option to pay a surcharge at our medical supply store in Munich for more comfortable vehicles. For this, it is best to contact your funding agency.

  • What does a scooter cost?

    Depending on the functions and equipment your mobility scooter may have, a simple electronic mobility aid with basic equipment starts at 1000 €. Furthermore, better equipped vehicles suitable for longer distances and with comfortable equipment are available for 2500-3500 €. Additionally, premium models generally start at 4000 €.

  • How do you charge an electronic mobility aid?

    You can easily charge your E-Scooter using a charging socket directly on your vehicle. All you need is a common outlet. Typically, it is not possible to remove the battery and charge it separately.

  • How fast does an E-Scooter go?

    When purchasing an electronic mobility aid for seniors, you can choose between vehicles with a speed of max. 6 km/h or more than 12 km/h. It is important to consider in advance how intensely and for what distances you will use your scooter.

    If you are unsure, we are here to help!