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Restoring a high degree of mobility and autonomy after accidents or illness and supporting possible healing - these are the goals and, at the same time, the demands placed on rehabilitation technology aids. The needs are very different, depending on the initial situation and illness. Age and lifestyle also play a role in the search for the perfect support. For this reason, we at Ergonomic Care not only attach great importance to a high-quality and wide range of products, but also to individual advice and support when purchasing rehabilitation technology. In addition, we are happy to help you with the application or processing of costs with the health or long-term care insurance. We see ourselves as a health partner at your side and are pleased if our medical products and aids make your everyday life easier.

The Ergonomic Care range at a glance

There are numerous rehabilitation technology aids that support both healing and coping with everyday life. In many cases, this involves maintaining or restoring abilities that were thought to be (temporarily) lost. Thanks to numerous innovations and advances in rehab technology, the range of products is very extensive. These include:

  • Walkers, rollators, walking sticks and crutches
  • Wheelchairs and scooters
  • Nursing beds and mattresses
  • Bath and shower seats
  • Bath lifts
  • Toilet aids
  • Handholds
  • Seat cushion
  • Storage aids
  • Patient lifter
  • Movement trainer
  • Riser chairs or standing aids
  • Nursing supplies
  • and much more

In recent years, many technical innovations have found their way into everyday care and rehabilitation. Some of them provide support in new ways, while other aids have gained in stability or are easier or easier to operate on their own. For example, there are wheelchairs with an additional electric drive that help people with little arm strength to achieve greater mobility. We therefore invite you to visit our medical supply store at Sendlinger Tor for a non-binding consultation. Here we will show you all the products and aids that can support you and advise you in detail on the possible costs and benefits for your everyday life.

However, rehabilitation technology can not only make everyday life easier and help people to be independent and self-sufficient, it can also provide new experiences, variety and participation in life. Special sports wheelchairs, for example, allow participation in various sports activities thanks to their low weight and high maneuverability. Electromobiles or scooters allow longer distances and thus more activities outside the home. As a specialist, we see our task as meeting as many requirements as possible and helping people to lead the lives they would like to lead: mobile, active, independent, pain-free. This is and remains the claim of Ergonomic Care, which we aim to fulfill thanks to great knowledge and expertise in our Munich medical supply store and the associated workshop.

Independence at home

For many people, their own home is a place of stability and security. Being able to move around in one's own home as independently and autonomously as possible is therefore a very high priority. With increasing age, this becomes an important issue when it comes to maintaining independence. But accidents or illnesses can also mean that help is needed.
Especially for one's own home, there are many possibilities to make everyday life easier and more sophisticated. Many people think of stair lifts, bath lifts, care beds or similar technical devices. But everyday aids are diverse and sometimes small things can make household management just as easy as larger technical installations. We carry numerous products that are suitable for compensating for individual limitations. In addition to drinking and eating aids, these can include gripping tongs or washing and creaming aids. Dressing aids are also a conceivable everyday helper. And hobbies do not have to be abandoned or neglected. So there are also things like card holders, threading aids or adapted gardening tools in the field of aids. Not all of these listed everyday helpers are part of the benefits catalog of health and long-term care insurance. But if you are interested in one of these products, we will be happy to make you a favorable offer.

Many people are often unaware of the options available to them through rehab technology. That is why a detailed consultation and, if necessary, demonstration for our customers at Ergonomic Care is very important to us. The goal is not only mobility or independence, but also regaining or maintaining vitality and quality of life. We are also happy to deliver the required devices or aids to your home and advise you on site in your familiar surroundings. We also carry a wide range of homecare products that we can provide you with even if you are unable to come to us.

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